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The Rules of the Half Birthday May 27, 2008

Posted by Jeff in Uncategorized.
  1. You are entitled to call a celebration of your Half Birthday, which occurs exactly 6 months after your regular birthday.
  2. You must remember your own Half Birthday, plan your own celebration, and invite those you wish to attend with plenty of time for them to make arrangements to come.  Parents/guardians can perform this duty for minors.
  3. Those invited are obligated to attend.  If any invitee does not attend, he forfeits his right to his next Half Birthday celebration.  He may, however, communicate his reason for non-attendance to you, who have sole-discretion to accept or to reject this excuse.
  4. No gifts are to be requested and no celebrant is obligated to provide one.
  5. The Half Birthday celebration cannot be unreasonably costly, and all celebrants are to pay their own way.  The celebrants are not obligated to pick up the tab for you, either, per rule #4.
  6. If anyone in your circle of invitees has an actual birthday that falls on your Half Birthday, you must defer your celebration to the following day.
  7. If you forget your Half Birthday or forget to invite sufficiently in advance of the party, you must forfeit your Half Birthday celebration until the following year.


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