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One more thing to be thankful for November 20, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Uncategorized.

While we’re at it, let’s add another reason to be thankful – that neither I nor any of the other people involved in a 5-car collision this morning seem to be badly hurt.

 I was running an errand this morning when I got stuck in traffic on Mopac.  I came to a complete stop and the second car behind me plowed into the rest of us.  There were five cars involved all together.

The wreck happened around 9:30am.  Since then, this has gone smoothly:

  • The police showed up within 10 minutes and had the report filed within another 30.
  • I drove back to the office a little after 10, called Progressive, and gave them all of the details of the other cars.
  • I came back to my desk at 10:30 to find that Progressive had already emailed me to let me know my claim was viewable online.
  • A local Progressive agent called at 10:45 and set up a time to come look at my car at 1:00.

Not the way I want to spend every morning, but I’m glad no one was seriously injured, and I hope the dealings with Progressive continue as smoothly as they’ve been so far.



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