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The Christmas Creep November 4, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Uncategorized.

Today, a waitress told a crying Weston, “Stop crying…Santa Claus is coming.”


It’s only November 4 – not even election day yet!  Surely Santa Claus is not already coming – doesn’t he have something better to do?  Like getting a nice shave or going shopping at the local Big & Jolly Man shop?

Yes, my friends, what we have here is the 2007 incarnation of the Christmas Creep – that is, the progressively earlier dates at which people begin to anticipate this holiday each year.

Now, all of you know that I don’t exactly have “Yuletide” tattooed across my back, but even so, I think we should invoke the Thanksgiving Rule, which states that Christmas anticipation can begin no earlier than Black Friday.

On a related note, I’ve read that it takes 73% of people 6-12 months to pay off their Christmas debt each year.  That means that the family starting their Christmas planning at the first of November will have about 2 months to plan, plus about 6 months to pay it off, for a total of 8 out of their 12 months every year.  Here are a few other pretty unbelievable stats about the holiday (not to mention the meta unbelievable-ness of yet another entire article devoted exclusively to tips on avoiding holiday stress):  http://www.worldwidehealth.com/article.php?id=239

As for me, I’m doing my part to reduce or eliminate holiday stress for me and those around me.  I hereby promise not to go into Christmas debt that will take me 12 months to pay off.  I also hereby ask that I receive no gifts, which will help you avoid going into Christmas debt on my behalf.  (This request is always a crowd-pleaser, I know.)  🙂

Finally, Santa, if you are indeed coming right now – please chill out for a few weeks while I’m voting and cooking my turkey.



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